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Children First Medical Group's
Partnership with ConsejoSano


Children First Medical Group is pleased to announce the patient engagement program for our Managed Medi-Cal members in Alameda Alliance for Health and Anthem Blue Cross Managed Medi-Cal in partnership with ConsejoSano. The goal is to assist Primary Care Physicians by sending SMS messages and phone calls to our Managed Medi-Cal members appropriate to the member's language and culture. 

Program Details

The program begins March 15th, 2021.
ConsejoSajo will reach out to some of your patients through SMS text messages and or phone calls. 


Please note that the SMS messages will be sent under the name of Children First Medial Group but will appear to be sent by your practice's office. Participating members will be encouraged to schedule appointments to remain up to date on specific health measures such as Annual Wellness Visits and Childhood Immunizations. Example messages can be viewed under the "CFMG ConsejoSano Announcement" above. We will use the name "Eva" as a general contact name in the text message(s), but the physician will be the exact name of the member's physician at the time the list is generated. 

Our Solution

Our Mission

ConsejSano is a curated, omni-channel, culturally-aligned engagement experience. The team behind the technology is committed to utilizing our solution to create greater health equity and access. Our solution is the only one on the market today that was built from day one with multicultural communities at the center.

ConsejoSano utilizes technology and cultural alignment to improve patient outcomes, lower costs, and increase revenue for plans and providers.

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